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Kontakt Libraries of Circuit bent YAMAHA – Keyboards

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Klangkollektor made Kontakt libraries of the circuit bended Yamaha PS 400 and the Yamaha PSS 6.

Each patch contains rhythmical loops of circuit bended sounds, which can be layered and combined with each other.
All recorded at 24bit/96kHz.

Send a message if you are interested.



And here is a example what is possible:

Circuit Bending Kontakt Instruments – Shop –

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The last work i did together with assistant Clemens Diezinger was sampling my circuit bended Yamaha Keyboards.

Two synths were recorded in 24/96 and transformed into seperate Kontakt-Instruments. The beat intruments are done, i am still working on synth-voice-sampling.

There will be implemented a online-shop where you can purchase the Kontakt-Instruments including seperate sample-libraries.

I am hoping to finish the work in march 2014!