Klangkollektor bei BR “Capriccio”

Ein Beitrag bei BR “Capriccio” über unsere interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit für unsere Kunstinstallation “NUE – BCN”.

Mitwirkende: Stephanie Walter (Konzeption/Organisation), Roman Jörg Mayer (3D-Artist), Paul Blotzki (Schnitt/VideoFX), Lars Fischer (Sound Design), Dominik Seibold (Programming)


Q17-Würfel from Q17Q18 on Vimeo.

“Octopus Space Garden” is a soundsensitive LED-Installation made by Lars Fischer, Clemens Diezinger and Jürgen Weigert.

On art-exhibition “KunstAufAEG” in Nürnberg, hall Q17.4

An ancient LED-lightingsystem with 84 led-tiles was encoded, recoded (rom-flash),
some holding cubes were built. Max/MSP was programmed as a controller and covers were fused.

With new technology it could have been much simpler. But we had great fun messing around with it!!!

After that it was the soundsensitive lightshow for several bands and musical acts.

Lars Fischer (Klangkollektor) – conception
Clemens Diezinger – max/msp-programming
Jürgen Weigert – encoding, recoding