Circuit Bending Kontakt Instruments – Shop –

The last work i did together with assistant Clemens Diezinger was sampling my circuit bended Yamaha Keyboards.

Two synths were recorded in 24/96 and transformed into seperate Kontakt-Instruments. The beat intruments are done, i am still working on synth-voice-sampling.

There will be implemented a online-shop where you can purchase the Kontakt-Instruments including seperate sample-libraries.

I am hoping to finish the work in march 2014!

First trainee/assistant !

On Monday 9th septembre 2013 Clemens Diezinger from FH-Salzburg started his student apprentice-time in my studio.
At once we worked together on a LED-Sound-Installation for the big art exhibition “OffenAufAEG” in Nürnberg.